Angelic Landscape by Salvador Dali. Museo Vaticani. photography by tony0.

#Guitar #Music composed and performed by tony0 #iberian #adormercido #existence #time #landscape

Image: Paesaggio Angelico area of (Monstruo blando adormecido) (1976) by Salvador Dali. Photography by tony0

Experience: tap/click image to view landscape on your device while the guitar music continues

Share: press/hold over the music player bar and save 'exist-time-scape' guitar world music to your ringtones folder ...


tonyzero [sameAs] tony0

musician producer composer

musician producer composer tony0 writes and records using digital tech to make music like a band. He plays/performs guitars, saxophones, piano, voice, synthesisers, bass, harmonicas, keyboards, percussion, programming, sound, code.

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